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Story by Robert Kirkman

Art by Charles Adlard

Issue #103 has been hyped to no end among Comic Book and The Walking Dead fans. It is the start of a new Volume and story arc.  Is it as good as it’s been touted? Yes and No. Overall, it is still an engaging  issue.

The Breakdown –

– The Issues starts off with Jesus trailing Dwight throughout the deserted highways and he almost gets caught when he throws a walker over the edge of a highway bridge. Dwight, after putting drops in his eyes turns but does not notice Jesus.

– Andrea is packing to leave Rick in anger because she feels that he has surrendered to Negan and quit his responsibility to the survivors. Rick assures her that he has a plan to let Negan run the show for now and let them think that the group is afraid. Meanwhile he plans to retaliate from the inside. He and Andrea reconcile.

– Negan and his men show up to take their portion of goods from the survivors at The Community. While they wait to be let in they clear out some walkers at the front gate. Rick lets Negan in after he threatens him and in keeping with the plan he opens up without a fight.

– Negan tells his men to check out the houses in order to speed things up. Negan tells Rick that the food rations can stay with them since they don’t have much. At this point Carl comes out and forcibly threatens Negan. Fearful that Negan will harm Carl he tells him to go back inside the house. Negan admires Carl’s bravery but he tells him to get lost. He tells Rick that Carl is “A cute kid”

– Denise pulls out a gun and threatens Negan’s men as they take most of the stronger meds like oxycontin, that could be abused, and are leaving only bandages, aspirin and cold medicine. Denise fears that if they need those meds they wouldn’t be able to help anyone. Ricks yells at her to lower her gun and as the survivors look on in anger and betrayal he tell Denise to let the men take what they want. It is a very suspenseful moment in the issue. Negan says that a “deal’s a deal” and that they will abide by them taking half of what they have.

– Rick lets Negan take what he wants and at that moment turns to get “Lucille” his barb wired Bat back from Rick.  Adding insult to injury, Negan tells Rick – “I just slid my dick down your throat and you thanked me for it.”  Brutal ending.

All in all a great read with some melodrama thrown in that bogs it down a bit and very little zombie action. The opening to the issue with Jesus trailing Dwight was probably my favorite part.

I give this Issue a  B-

Enjoy, Zombie Acolytes!