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UPDATE: 11/15/2012 – Netflix has pulled “Monsterquest” from their Streaming/Instant viewing Library. Sorry, gang.  Perhaps in the future they will add it back on!  Send them an E-Mail if you wish to ask them to return it  to their Instant Streaming List.  Good Luck!


Stan Bernard’s cool, deep and ominous voice drives this pretty cool Doc series from the History Channel that investigates Bigfoot (Sasquatch) numerous times along with monster spiders, sharks, canines, the chupacabra, Mothman (my fave) and even hobbits…oh and let’s not forget the mysterious phenomenon of “Rods”. Check them out in their entirety on Netflix and get ready to enjoy some chilling if a bit hokey research into some weird creatures that like to appear to only weird people…just kidding.  Enjoy.