Netflix / Amazon Alert – “Azorian: The Raising of K-129” Documentary (2010)

images (6)Vic’s Note: “Azorian: The Raising of K-129” is no longer available on Netflix Instant Streaming. The Doc has been yanked.

It is, however, available on Amazon Instant Video for Prime Members!


Vic / August 1st, 2014

I came across this gem of a Documentary while browsing titles on Netflix. It was a great surprise. Full of fantastic history, stories and revelations, I found it to be very entertaining, sad, bold and a very interesting film about the history of The Cold War. Recommended!

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Netflix Synopsis

“In 1968, the Soviet Sub K-129 disappeared in the North Pacific. While its home country considered it lost for good, the United States located it later that year and began plans to recover the wreck in a secret operation called Project Azorian. While certain details have been leaked over the years, this documentary features interviews with those tasked with designing and operating the equipment used to salvage the sub.”

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