Netflix Streaming Alert – “Fire in the Sky” (1993)


Vic’s Note: (6.27.16) Added Back, Gang…but who knows for how long???

Vic’s Note: (4.12.2014) “Fire in the Sky” has yet again been yanked, folks! Bummer. I will let you all know when it gets added back 🙂 

Vic’s Note:  “Fire in the Sky” has been added back as of October 1st, 2013! Enjoy!

Vic’s Note: Update – 3-24-2013: “Fire in the Sky” is no longer available for Instant Streaming! Sorry, gang! Another great title pulled. Bummer…

What’s it About?

While driving through the countryside with his friends, Travis Walton is struck by a bolt of energy beaming from the sky and then disappears for days. When he returns, he claims he was abducted by aliens and spent the week on their ship

Fire in the Sky

Robert Lieberman’s 1993 UFO / Sci Fi offering about the alien abduction of Travis Walton (D.B. Sweeney), in Arizona, is a tight, interesting and emotional little film. It is a definite, under the radar, movie that has very good performances all around and a very credible story that mystifies and terrifies the audience. There is even a solid little police / crime drama which involves the friends of  Travis Walton, who cannot seem to verify the outrageous claims they have put out there to the local and federal authorities.

We care deeply for the characters, and their families, as they deal with the disappearance of Travis. And once he shows up (after some terrible images of him being examined and studied by the menacing aliens), things get VERY interesting. So put it on your Netflix Queue and enjoy this very unique alien abduction movie, that I may dare to say surpasses Strieber’s “Communion.” I also need to mention and point out actor Robert Patrick’s excellent portrayal in this film. His and James Garner’s are true stand-outs!

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