“The Walking Dead” – Issue #93

Issue 93 is a fantastic and dynamic issue of The Walking Dead. It is a pivotal moment in the lives of those in the community. Things get shaken up as a stranger named “Jesus” promises that there are other camps and communities other than Rick’s. He promises trade and support for the tired survivors.

But Rick sees red flags and his instinct is to not trust Jesus. He sees him as a threat and begins to form a plan to extract more information from him. He overtakes him and knocks him out. He has Abe take him back and tie him up in order to question him further.After he is put in a spare room Rick gathers the survivors and alerts them to his plan. He gives each of them assigned duties regarding ammunition, food, medical triage and such. He fears that there will be an impending attack.

Afterwards, Andrea approaches Rick and discusses with him his plan to stand ground. She fears that Rick if doing the right thing and that Jesus may be right.  Andrea then goes to the lookout tower to stand point. Rick talks to the tied up Jesus and he comes across very non-judgemental about the whole affair. He tells Rick he does not blame him for not trusting him and asks to be released. Rick refuses. He does not trust him.

With Andrea in the tower covering them, Abe, Rick and Michonne head out to find any attackers that may be ready to strike. They walk outside of Andrea’s scope range and come across some roamers and walkers. We get some cool  zombie action that is very fast and intense. Afterwards, when Rick realizes that they have become efficient killing machines he fears that they may indeed need outside help since they have no fear about whether or not there are attackers waiting. After searching and not finding anyone they walk to a hill which overlooks a large city just waiting for them to re-populate it. Rick is steadfastly debating that it may be time for the survivors to move on.

Of course the issue and zombie action is well drawn and dramatic. The dialog always raw and fresh. The story is moving along at a great clip and I’m very curious as to where they take the Jesus storyline. Another great read!

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