“The Walking Dead” Issue #92

Well, someone is definitely watching the Community as this Issue starts off. We get close up panels of someone on a rooftop with binoculars staking the survivors out.

Back at Rick’s house at The Community, Carl wakes up from a nightmare and Rick rushes in to check in on him. Carl’s bad dreams and amnesia are taking a toll on him. Rick tries to reassure him that things will be fine. Carl apologizes to Rick for snapping at him (last issue). Rick tells him to try and get some rest.

The next day Abe tells Rick that he and Michonne are going out for a perimeter check and to keep tabs on the walkers. Rick, who is craving coffee, tells them to be careful. Abe takes along some heavy artillery for the outing. He hands over a handgun to Michonne who is surprised to see Abe thinks that she needs 2 guns. There is an interesting and humorous exchange between them after Abe asks Michonne how her night was. Michonne feels lonely and trusts having a personal dialog with Abe. Even though Abe is a bit surprised by it. Michonne has a heartfelt discussion with Abe that is well written and raw.

Then we get into some good zombie action as Abe covers Michonne as she clears out some walkers with her trademark sword. Abe eventually has to use his gun since more walkers arrive. Upon using his gun   a survivor appears with his hands up. Here the issue takes off as Abe and Michonne square off with the stranger. No spoilers here since it is a kick ass sequence. It shows just long far Abe and Michonne have come as fighters but are still somewhat complacent. The stranger asks for Rick who is a cooler head.

Rick comes to their rescue and starts negotiating with the stranger after he gains the upper hand on Abe and Michonne. It turns out this stranger, who has been watching over the community, is from another group of survivors who are in need of help and supplies. Much to Rick’s surprise he is told that there are many others in the surrounding area and that they are not at all the only ones. The issue runs fast and furious and we get yet another glimpse into the bigger picture involving the fate and safety of The Community. Oh and you’ll just love what the name of this new stranger is…enjoy!

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