Vic’s Review – “Red Hill” (2010)

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What’s it About?

After being shot on duty, cop Shane Cooper moves to the quiet Outback town of Red Hill, where he finds himself up against an escaped convict. Shane’s first day on the job turns into the worst day of his life as he tries to track down the killer.

“Red Hill”

Directed by Patrick Hughes

8 out of 10

By Vic

Red Hill, directed by Patrick Hughes and starring True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten, is about a monster that comes back to town. A monster that is cold, calculating and relentless. A monster that has an agenda and will not let anything get in it’s way or stop it. This monster is called Jimmy Conway and he just escaped from an Australian Prison and has made a beeline for Red Hill. Why, you ask? Well you must watch this well directed, beautifully shot modern day western to find out why.

Kwanten plays Shane Cooper, who starts his first day on the job as the new deputy by misplacing his gun. Cooper is a new transfer to Red Hill from a nearby big city and has a wife who is expecting their first child. He walks to town and meets up with his co-workers at the Police house. Things go a bit frosty at first when Cooper tries to adapt and feel useful. He eventually pairs up with his superior “Old Bill”, played exceptionally by Australian actor Steve Bisley.

Bisley’s Old Bill is tough, seasoned, smart and surly and he doesn’t take too kindly to young upstarts like Cooper. After the news of a prison break out gets out Old Bill rallies his available men and assigns each to a specific area. Not before telling them all that it is Jimmy Conway, a treacherous inmate that is free and extremely dangerous.

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After the breakout, Jimmy slowly but steadily makes it back to Red Hill leaving in his wake a trail of death and barbarity. This is when the already well done film turns into a very well made film. It’s the photography, pacing and performances that solidify into a fun, tight modern western. Tommy Lewis is the draw here though as Conway.

He is a quiet beast that stalks and prowls around the town exacting his revenge on those who have wronged him. Kwanten is very capable and even vulnerable in the role of Cooper. Kwanten also speaks with his natural Aussie accent which was refreshing to see hear. Bisley steals every scene he’s in as Old Bill and makes Cooper’s first day on the job one to remember.

Red Hill is fast, dreadful and packs a punch. A great modern western that is refreshingly shot and has an appropriate score. The three leads are incredible to watch especially after Conway escapes and tears through Red Hill like a force of nature. Enjoy!

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