“The Walking Dead” Issue # 99

Well, I must admit, honestly, that not much of anything happens in Issue 99 of “The Walking Dead” but that is not a bad thing. It is an issue full of reflection and repose where characters turn to each other for responses, answers, consolation and just a plain ole shoulder to lean and cry on.

Much of this is sparked by what happened to Abe in the previous issue. In this issue there is a deeper understanding of companionship and respect between Andrea and Rick as they learn to cope with their new found love for one another. Carl instead feels a bit lost and by Adlard’s amazing art we can see that Carl is grappling with emotions regarding how Andrea will fit into the picture that was occupied by just him and his father.

Glen insists that he, Maggie and Sophia leave the Community for the Hilltop. He claims that Sophia should be told flat out about Abe to help her with her coping skills. Maggie hates lying to her but is concerned that Sophia may relapse especially after she had been having breakthroughs with her accepting Carol’s death. Glen tells her he is considering the baby as well.

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Rosita mourns as does Holly (there is very intense exchange between them) and many of the Community members who have gathered for Abe. Aaron confronts Rick, who is distracted by his mourning. He claims that Rick should hold a meeting right away since Nagan’s band of Saviors may be ready to come back with more of men soon to end their lives at the Community. Rick agrees but he had no plan of re-course at first. He does hold that meeting and Michonne admits it’s not too safe leaving such a small group defenseless. Rick feels that they may not be attacked so soon and he wants to see if the people at the hilltop can offer some help. or spared some men for protection.

Carl asks Rick if he could participate more with the adult duties around the Community. He actually pleads and asks him to promise him if he could be involved and even go to the hilltop with him. Rick says yes but hesitantly. Michonne and Holly have an exchange in the late evening. Michonne doesn’t realize that Holly was on her way to see Abe in the cemetery. At Rick’s house Andrea wishes to move in and discusses the idea of it to him. She jokingly mentions moving her bed into his home. They have an interesting discourse about how to proceed and Rick wishes for Andrea to stay behind to protect the Community. She agrees. Carl and Maggie decide that are NOT coming back. They are staying at the Hilltop once they get there.

The next morning as the group leaves for the Hilltop Andrea preps the remaining members for protecting the rest that are left behind. Rick, as they leave, feels heavy forboding and drives off with the rest. He looks back with some dread. And then of course in classic Kirkman fashion the last panel is a shocking and exciting revelation. There is a war coming and I for one cannot wait for it to start. Oh and btw there is little to no zombie action but that’s ok. Issue 100 promises to be a fucking stunner.

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