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UPDATE: 6/2/2019

Hey everyone, just a quick update. Unfortunately, The Den Crew has disbanded quite a long while back, but I will always be indebted to their hard work and dedication in submitting material to Vic’s Movie Den. All the best, everyone. I miss each and every one of you.


Hi Gang! I just wanted to create a long overdue Contributors Page for the guys who take time out of their busy schedules to submit some great reviews and posts on a regular basis for Vic’s Movie Den. They have made my little Movie Blog what it is today and I am grateful and fortunate to have them on my team. I hope you enjoy getting to know them better. Thanks!

Brian Volke


My good friend of over 15 years, Brian Volke is an awarding winning Television Broadcast Director here in Rochester, New York. He is a professed lover of the films of Stanley Kubrick, Akira Kurosawa, Alfred Hitchcock, and Paul Thomas Anderson.

Many of my followers and readers have responded very well to Brian’s “short and sweet” style of reviewing new movies and even the occasional horror movie, here and there. Brian has been known to pull no punches when it comes to what he thinks of a particular film. He has quite the reputation of ruffling feathers with his take on movies and I would not have it any other way.

He and his brother Matt Volke reviewed films for “The Movie Brothers” but I am pleased to announce that Brian now calls “Vic’s Movie Den” his home for his honest, candid and straight forward movie reviews!

Michael Thomas-Knight

Michael Thomas-Knight pic 0

Michael Thomas-Knight is a horror-fiction author who haunts the local coffee shops of Long Island, NY, somewhere between a famous house in Amityville and Joel Rifkin’s lovely home. His horror fiction has been published in Twisted Dreams MagazineInfernal Ink Magazine,, SNM Horror Magazine and Dark Eclipse.

Michael’s fiction has also been published in several horror anthology books in 2013 including: Shadow MastersFrom Beyond The GraveMiseria‘s Chorale and Cellar Door II. You can find Michael at his blog, Parlor of Horror, which deals with all things horror: movies, books, and articles for the horror enthusiast.

You can check out Michael’s latest published stories at his Amazon Authors Page:

And join Michael on Facebook:


Eric Jones of "Deacon's Den"
Eric Jones of “Deacon’s Den”

Eric hails from Philadelphia, Pa and is a Graduate of La Salle University in Philadelphia with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He is an educated and passionate movie lover.

Eric’s approach to movies is simple and to the point: If it looks interesting, he will check it out regardless of the Genre, Actor or Director. That’s good enough for me.

Eric’s Favorite Directors are Stanley Kubrick and the great Alfred Hitchcock. His Favorite Movie is “Star Wars: A New Hope” (1977) from George Lucas.

Visit Eric’s Site: DEACON’S DEN HERE

Michael cavacini


Michael Cavacini is an award-winning communications professional and writer. His blog,, consists of everything arts and culture. You’ll find reviews of music, movies and books, as well as interviews with authors, singers and screenwriters. Michael’s blog is also where you’ll learn the latest details on his current writing projects.

LinkedIn Profile: 

My Blog:

Paul Knoop


Hi everyone!

My name is Paul Knoop and I hail from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I’ve known Vic and his “Vic’s Movie Den” blog  for some years now and he’s the reason that I started my own blog back in ’11. In his “Den” you can find everything from reviews to thought pieces and Top 5 and 10 lists. I hope to contribute every now and again with some material from my own site and/or written solely for Vic. I love the horror genre and I studied film for several years.

Take some time to browse around on here and feel free to hit me up with any questions or remarks. Thanks!

Visit Paul’s Blog here:

The Black Saint


Santos Ellin, Jr. AKA “The Black Saint” hails from The Bronx, NYC and is the lead reviewer and interviewer for the very popular and formidable Horror Movie Site, I have had the pleasure of knowing “The Black Saint” for well over 5 years now and he and I have formed a very tight relationship despite our long distances.

He is a veritable fountain of Horror movie knowledge (and other genres, too!) and he has submitted some amazing posts to “Vic’s Movie Den” ranging from “Forgotten Films” to “Movies I love That Everyone Else Hates.” He participates in a few different Horror Podcasts including “Horror News Radio.”  Here is the link:

“The Black Saint” also has judged Horror Films for various Film Festivals including the NYC Horror Film Fest.

You can visit his Interview and Review page at Horror News Net here:

He also has his own Movie Blog which could be reached here:

I hope you all get a chance to engage my awesome contributors either here or at the numerous links provided. They are all very intelligent, dedicated, professional and wonderful folks who have given their precious time to submit some great reviews and posts to my Movie Blog and I am forever in their debt for that.

Thanks Guys!


If you are interested in submitting material or becoming a regular contributor please E Mail me at

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