Pics by Vic – Gallery Two

Hi, everyone, here are some more pics taken by me for Gallery Two of Pics by Vic. I hope you all enjoy and any feedback is greatly appreciated!



Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Rochester, New York
Stony Brook State Park
Downtown Rochester, New York


Stony Brook Park, New York State

Hope you all enjoyed the photos! More to come very soon. Have a great weekend, gang!


  1. Great stuff, Vic! Really love the compositional choices in the first and fifth photos. I think you’ve captured something really haunting with the fourth photo in that the colors of the statue and the trees beyond are so similar – lots to dwell on with that and all the photos. Well done – keep up the good work, sir!

    • Thank you very kindly for the amazing compliments and feedback, Andy! Much appreciated. I’m glad you found the comp of the photos appealing and that fourth photo was a bit hard to stay away from a wider shot which I did. Ultimately, I am very happy I stayed in a bit tighter. Thanks for checking in my man! Hope you’re well and thanks again for the nice comments. More to come soon! 👊

    • Thanks, Mark! Glad you liked the pics. That particular pic you mentioned was hard to get because I wanted complete cloud cover for the shot. Had to wait for the right moment to snap it off. I appreciate you stopping by and checking out the gallery! Thanks 👊

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