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Hi Gang! Hope everyone is well. It’s been quite a while since my last post and without getting into too much detail, things have been quite busy and occupied. Busy but fun!

The spirit hasn’t moved me much to write any new film reviews of late but I wanted to share another hobby of mine that has been keeping me busy. Photography. These are some pics I have snapped recently around the city I live in, Rochester, New York. If you wish to see other pics I have taken, and you’re on Instagram my handles there are as follows: @ apicbyvic and of course, @ vicsmovieden I also post some photography on Twitter from time to time.

So, I hope you all like the new pics and new post. I will be definitely be adding more photo posts as I take them. Also, in the near future I will be back to writing new reviews. Enjoy and thank you all for sticking with me!

Vic De Leon

Vics Movie Den

A Pic by Vic


The Mighty Lake Ontario


The Freddie Sue Bridge and the Genesee River. Downtown Rochester.


The Freddie Sue. Downtown Rochester, NY.


Downtown Rochester. Always Bustling. Great sky that day.


The Iconic Windmill at Dinosaur BBQ in Downtown Rochester, New York.

Thanks everyone for checking out my Photography! I will add about 5 pics per gallery as I move on to other future posts.