Vic’s Top 10 Roy Scheider Movies


Roy Richard Scheider (November 10, 1932 – February 10, 2008) was an American actor and amateur boxer. He gained fame for his leading and supporting roles in several iconic films from the 1970s, playing Police Chief Martin C. Brody in Jaws (1975) and Jaws 2 (1978), NYPD Detective Buddy “Cloudy” Russo in The French Connection (1971), NYPD Detective Buddy Manucci in The Seven Ups (1973), Doc in Marathon Man (1976), and choreographer and film director Joe Gideon (whose character was based on Bob Fosse) in All That Jazz (which was written and directed by Fosse) (1979). He is also known for playing Captain Nathan Bridger in the science fiction television seriesseaQuest DSV (1993-1996). Described by AllMovie as “one of the most unique and distinguished of all Hollywood actors”, Scheider was nominated for two Academy Awards, a Golden Globe Award and a BAFTA Award.

Source : Wikipedia

Vic’s Top 10 Roy Scheider Movies

10 – 52 Pick Up


9 – Cohen and Tate


8 – Sorcerer


7 – The Seven Ups


6 – The French Connection


5 – Blue Thunder


4 – All That Jazz


3 – 2010


2 – Jaws 2


1 – Jaws


Honorable Mentions –

Romeo is Bleeding

Last Embrace

Still of the Night

Marathon Man

The Rainmaker


    • they both hold up pretty well. I enjoy re-visiting them every so often. thanks for checking in Mike. I’ll be sure to stop by and catch up on your page as soon as I get some down time. hope you’re well, bro!

    • Thanks! Was only going to do a top 5 but could not leave out some other great roles of his. Had to do a top 10. Glad you liked the post and I appreciate you stopping by. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thanks Paul! Was going to do a top 5 only but he has had so many great roles, I had to do a top 10. Thanks for checking in and have a great weekend!

      • You’re welcome. Top 5’s are so difficult to do, a top 10 makes it better way to arrange for favourite films without missing anything out. Cheers and enjoy your weekend as well 🙂

    • Oh and 2010 is indeed a brilliant film. Very often overlooked and under rated as sequel. It’s a top notch science fiction film and a worthy follow up.

      • I really like 2010, its a great film. Sure some aspects have dated a bit, but overall its just as powerful, and perhaps an even more relevant sequel today than ever before. I love the bit with the space walk over to the discovery over Io, beautiful special effects in this sequence!

      • Richard Edlund provided some great old school FX for 2010. I loved the re-entry sequence with the Discovery and the slingshot scene around Jupiter. 2010 is full of great moments like that, that are still breathtaking to this day.

    • Could not leave that incredible performance off the list. It’s spellbinding. Glad you liked the list and thanks for checking in! Much appreciated 👊

  1. Hi, Victor:

    Great list of some of Mr. Scheider’s best work. Very pleased to see ‘All That Jazz;, ‘2010’ and ‘Sorcerer’ make the cut.

    ’52 Pick Up’ and ‘The Seven Ups’ excels in bringing out Mr. Scheider’s rarely seen bad ass side.. And I still think ‘2010’ is a viable and well executed continuation of ‘2001’.

    • Glad u enjoyed the list! I, too, love “bad ass” Roy. 2010 is a film I revisit often and still find Scheider to be the anchor and main draw to making the film work like it does. Thanks for checking in. I appreciate it! 👊

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