Netflix Alert – “Jurassic Park” Trilogy now available to Stream


The First 3 entries of The “Jurassic Park” films have now been added to NETFLIX for High Definition Streaming. Don’t know how long they will be available so queue them right away and enjoy! Happy Streaming, Netflixsters!




Jurassic Park

Directed by Steven Spielberg

The Lost World

Directed by Steven Spielberg

Jurassic Park III

Directed by Joe Johnston



    • I was almost about to let go of my subscription, too, but they have been stepping up with the original programming and more TV and Movie choices, so it’s really worth it for me. Didn’t know about the Disney films, though. Thanks for checking in!

  1. They’ve been playing all three so much on AMC and IFC that I don’t need to watch them again for a while, but it’s good to know they’re there. Of Course I also have them on DVD 🙂

    • I only have JP and JW on blu ray but not The Lost World and JPIII so I added them to my queue for now. We’ll see how long they stay available. My son always seems to be watching one of these films on AMC at one point or another lol. Thanks for stopping by, Mike. Hope all is well, man!

    • Thanks! I thought so as well. Wanted to find some unique and lesser known artwork. Glad you liked them and I appreciate you stopping by! 😁

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