Actors Madeline Smith and John Carson confirmed for Hammer Films Documentary


Veteran Hammer actors Madeline Smith and John Carson have been confirmed to take part in the new documentary HAMMER HORROR: THE WARNER BROS YEARS, to be produced and directed by film historian Marcus Hearn.



John Carson has a long history with Hammer Horror. He is one of the co-stars of Taste the Blood of Dracula. He also appeared in the Plague of the Zombies and Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter.


Although Madeline Smith’s role for this film was short lived she still had a pinnacle part to play. Appearing in a single scene where Hargood, Paxton and Secker visit a high-class brothel, Madeline plays prostitute Dolly. The scene is initially light-hearted, containing a flirtatious exotic dance with a stripper who wields a live snake. But things take a downward slope as Lord Courtley barges in to steal one of the girls; that girl being Madeline, although we do not get to see what fate befalls her.

Taste-the-Blood-of-Dracula-UK-10-600x402 (1)

Speaking in Hammer Films: The Elstree Studio Years (Kinsey 2007) on the role Madeline says…’I had to ride on the back of Geoffrey Keen. He’s a very serious man, but I got to know him much better later on when I worked with him on TV. I was dressed in this little white outfit, and it was meant to be a brothel. Of course, I did not know what a brothel was and what this woman was doing with a snake’… in the same text actor, John Carson who also appeared in the scene outlines how Madeline certainly made an impression… ‘Geoffrey Keen who is a touch portly in physique and somewhat short in temper, was given a sweet girl dressed like a painted doll. There was Geoffrey on all fours with this girl astride him. He was shouting crossly, “take the weight on your feet girl!.”

Although Madeline enjoys very little screen time she does manage to portray a sense of wide-eyed innocence in the part, and her presence stands out among the crowd of beautiful women. She was soon to be invited back again; this time to take the role she became known all over the world for, Emma Morton in The Vampire Lovers.​

The classic Hammer films from Warner Bros:

are now finally starting to appear on Blu-ray. However, they have never received an in-depth exploration in any special feature or documentary. Now, the fascinating story can finally be told in this unprecedented 90-minute documentary, HAMMER HORROR: THE WARNER BROS YEARS, written and directed by Marcus Hearn, Hammer Films’ official historian. The documentary will feature exclusive interviews with many of the key players from that period, as well as authors and film historians like Jonathan Rigby and Constantine Nasr. Also included will be rare production stills, film footage, Hammer’s original shooting locations, and access to previously unseen archive documents. The documentary will be available via streaming and in a limited blu-ray release, exclusive to our KICKSTARTER campaign.

Extra Features

In addition to the main feature, the blu-ray will also contain extended interviews with some of the key participants. Other extras will be announced as they become confirmed.

Hammer fans, we need your support to make this happen. Contribute HERE!


  1. This sounds great! These new documentaries that tell the stories of filmmaking of the past are great….I really enjoyed the Cannon films doc, and the Lost Souls doc as well…

    • really want to see that Lost Soul doc! I added it to my netflix queue recently.

      glad you enjoyed the post. thanks for stopping in. I appreciate it!

    • ha ha! yep! it is in my household the last week of October, lol. hammer-thon time!

      thanks for checking in, Michael! enjoy the rest of your Sunday 🙂

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