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Hey, Comic Book lovers, know it all’s, converts, loonies, perverts, maestros and fans. Those wild and crazy guys over at Slingshot Comics are throwing a MONTH LONG 25% off sale for the entire month of June! Nutty, huh? No better time than right now to pull out your wish list and get cracking on buying some wicked goodies for yourself and that neighbor of yours who is always borrowing your old Heavy Metal mags.

Well, the month long sale is a good thing because Slingshot has new and old Comics, Trades, Toys, Funko Pop figures and Monkey Assassins! Yep, Monkey Assassins do exist and they happily shack up with Kevin and Evan at Slingshot Comics.

After you are done boogying at Slingshot, just enter ALLJUNELONG at checkout to get your 25% off.

Click HERE  for some Slingshot loving and order away!





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Tell them that Vic from Vic’s Movie Den sent you over because if you don’t then…