Not too sure why I picked this image but I think it fits...

Not too sure why I picked this image but I think it fits…

Why things are quiet in “The Den”

Yeah, this happens sometimes...

Yeah, this happens sometimes…

Hello, everyone! Vic here with a brief update!

Things have been quiet here at Vic’s Movie Den and it isn’t that I just gave up and crawled away to go live under a rock, or have curled into a fetal position to escape reality. Or, most importantly, that I have become an aloof, tired and bored lazy ass.

It is because of a more pressing issue: “LIFE!”

Yeah, I said it. Life has intervened, yet again, Summer is approaching (or is it encroaching?) and this week I will be getting my pool renovated and opened by the Memorial Day weekend to come. After that, is the work I am doing on the landscaping and grounds around our humble home. Also, next in line is the reno on our backyard deck along with completing the patio for my grill, yadda yadda yadda ad nasuem.

I am not this guy

I am not this guy

So, along with all of this, there is work, appts. for myself and my kids, helping my Mother and Grandmother find new digs, taking photos around Rochester and volunteering at The George Eastman House. Whew…

Now, that being said, I am still watching films and TV shows, but securing the time to sit and bang out a review, or two, is becoming quite a chore and for now, I must let the blogging Gods do their thing. I am going to continue applying my time to the tasks, chores and responsibilities ahead of me until the day comes when I can sit, breathe deeply and whip up some quality content for everyone who checks in frequently, to my page.

Are those heat proof shades? I want a pair.

Are those heat proof shades? I want a pair.

I am NOT closing down the site. I have some wonderful contributors that always pull through for me with content. Kudos to Eric Jones, of The Deacon’s Den, for submitting a great review of “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” by the way.

I will also whip up “Filler Posts” as well. Once, in a while I will post movie related galleries of lobby cards, artwork and posters as well as “on the set” pics and vids.

So, in essence, the blog will go on but new reviews of films, for a while, are going to be posted by my favorite pinch hitters: My contributors! (You all know who you are!)

I will be doing a lot of this

I will be doing a lot of this

Thanks to you all, who like, give feedback on and share my reviews. I am forever grateful, humbled and appreciative of you all and your efforts in supporting my little movie page. It isn’t The Den without you guys and gals!


Have a great Memorial Day, everybody, and an even better kick ass Summer!

Vic De Leon