“Detour: Hollywood” from Author / Director William Dickerson Available April 14th, 2015

“Detour: Hollywood” By William Dickerson

DETOUR: Hollywood – How To Direct a Micro-budget Film (or any film, for that matter)”

From Director William Dickerson

Director and Author William Dickerson
Director and Author William Dickerson

Detour: Hollywood” is a practical, and entertaining, “how-to” book that uses my film “Detour” as a model for independent filmmakers who want to make a microbudget movie inside, or outside, of Hollywood. I put the making of my indie on display for all to see. I guide aspiring directors through everything they need to know to make a microbudget movie, from the nuts and bolts of directing, to getting their movies made and out into the world, including:

• The Director as the Sole Defense for the Story
• Understanding the Two Main Ingredients of Filmmaking: Subtext and Point Of View
• Beating Out a Script
• The Template for Creating the Perfect Director’s Binder
• Action Verbs: How to Adjust Performance through Severity and Mildness
• Avoiding the Trap of “Style Over Substance”
• The Importance of Theme
• Detailed “Behind-The-Scenes” of the Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and Distribution of “Detour”
• How the Distribution Model has Changed…for the Better

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