Netflix Streaming Alert / Latest Additions for Late March and April, 2015

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Hey Gang! Vic here with some new titles that are available to stream on Netflix.

Most titles are in High Definition which will require an HDTV and High Speed Internet.

You can also stream on Laptops, Apple TV, Western Digital Media Players, Roku boxes and of course, IOS and Android devices with the appropriate apps.

Hope you all find some titles you many want to check out. Enjoy the trailers!



Vic’s Spotlight of the Month:

Marvel’s “Daredevil”

Season One / 13 Episodes



The Code

Starry Eyes


The November Man

The Quiet Ones

The Big Lebowski


The World Made Straight

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Atari: Game Over

The Punisher


Life Itself




Mommie Dearest

Snake Eyes

images (6)


American Psycho


Three Kings

Space Cowboys

Thanks for checking in, everyone. Hope you enjoyed the Trailers.

Happy Streaming!



  1. Reblogged this on DeaconsDen and commented:
    From Vic’s Movie Den, the newest streaming alerts for April. And by the way no matter what your interests are, if you like superheroes, comics or crime drama, or even just good character drama you owe it to yourself to check out Marvel’s Daredevil!

  2. Ohhh, heck yes! “Life Itself” and “Starry Eyes” are priorities for me. Thanks very much for this heads-up Vic! Netflix just has so much on it it’s sometimes hard to keep up with. Scratch that; it’s impossible to keep up with it. Haha.

  3. Thanks for this list. I actually watched Atari: Game Over a few days ago. Very fun and nostalgic doc. I’ve added both Life Itself and Starry Eyes to my watchlist. Not sure I’ll be watching Daredevil.

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