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Hey Gang!

Vic here with a quick update. Things have Been a bit quiet here in The Den, lately,  but things will be picking up soon, I promise.

Rochester, New York, has been having a bit of a rough winter lately and sometimes the winter blahs kick in about now. In order to avoid them, I have been keeping myself busy with a new per diem job, working around the home on some minor projects, assisting my Kids with School and Job hunting, lining up Screeners from filmmakers to watch as well as devoting time to my various writing projects.


I usually try my best to post some stuff I call: “Filler Content.” But I can fall behind even on those. So, at this point, I call on my contributors to help out and some are stepping up for my distress call for help, yet again (These guys totally rule). I do anticipate for things to all fall into place, very soon, so I can devote at least two days a week for reviews and other content.


I definitely don’t wanna end up like Jack Torrance, this winter

My good friend, Mike, from “Parlor of Horror,” will be submitting a new List and some new reviews are in the pipe!

Here are a few:

The Guns of Navarone

The Innocents



John Wick

St. Vincent

The Day the Earth Stood Still

The Babadook



On the Waterfront

The Taking of Deborah Logan

and a few more in different categories like The Bond Films, The Twilight Zone, On The Set and both Top 5 and Top 10 lists.


Thanks for hanging in there, everyone. I always appreciate your visits, feedback, likes and participation! It is what fuels both me and Vic’s Movie Den.

Always Grateful,

Vic De Leon