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Hi everyone! Vic, here. I just wanted to drop by and check in with you all. I want to first thank everyone who has found some time to come by “Vic’s Movie Den” on a regular basis and check out my content despite things being very quiet. It is greatly appreciated and I am forever grateful.

I also would like to thank my awesome contributors (You all know who you are!) for submitting some strong content for my blog. You guys rock. Keep up the incredible work, fellas!


Now, on to the update. My family and I are all moved into our new home, here in Rochester, New York. My work does not end with the move, though. We are pretty much settled in, but I have been very busy tending to various projects (Landscaping, Closing the pool, exterminating bees, fixing decking, setting up my office, changing out doors, etc, etc…) that have been taking up much of my time. It is an exhausting venture owning a home but the results are rewarding and it makes all of the hard work very worthwhile. Gotta keep my eyes on the prize!


So, as a result of still working full time on the house, I will not be able to commit to submitting reviews and other kinds of posts for “Vic’s Movie Den” for the time being. Hopefully by late fall or early winter, I will be back on a somewhat normal schedule and will finally return to the blogger-verse.

Also, I have been missing out on the great material from other fellow movie bloggers lately. I hope to take a day off very soon and catch up with everyone. I miss you all!

So, thank you, everyone, for checking in and I hope to get back on track with “Vic’s Movie Den” sooner rather than later. I hope you are doing well. Take care, gang!

– Vic