Thank You!


Hello, everyone! I wanted to thank those who have helped me out with some great guest posts, contributions and articles during my hiatus and time off from reviewing and contributing for “Vic’s Movie Den.”

You have all answered my call for help in a very timely manner and handed over some great material that has really helped me out with amazing content for my page. I will always be grateful and forever in your debt for assisting me during this important and busy time in my life. Thanks so very much, gang!

Here are the links to the pages of the fantastic group who have recently and selflessly helped me out:

Mike from

Parlor Of Horror

Mark from

Lasers, Monsters and Barbarians Oh My!

Eric from

Deacon’s Den

and many thanks to my good friend Brian Volke , here in Rochester, for taking time out of his busy work schedule to help his crazy and over-whelmed buddy during this busy time!



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