Top 5: 1970’s Sci-Fi Films Not Called “Star Wars”

Mark’s TOP 5! So, get Ready, gang!

Hey Gang! Vic here, to bring you a unique and very interesting “Top 5 “ List from Mark of “Lasers, Monsters and Barbarians Oh My!” Mark has graciously volunteered this list to help me out with content during my time off. Please visit his cool site HERE and have fun with his cool sci fi posts!

Thanks Mark, for this very awesome post. I am very grateful for your kind help and this amazing contribution! Without further ado, gang, here is Mark’s TOP 5!

Top Five 1970’s Sci-Fi Films not called “Star Wars”


In 1977 Star Wars came blazing onto movie screens everywhere. With it came the change in how special effects were done, the re-birth of the space opera and the idea that there was a ton of money to be made in merchandising with your logo or brand slapped on it.

All too often people who didn’t grow up in this decade seem to forget about other sci-fi films from the 1970’s and the fact that it was indeed a very good decade for science fiction films. So good in fact that I had to leave some solid films off this Top 5 list. So, here you go!

1 Alien (1979)


Essentially this is a horror film in space. The idea that works so well is that there are these characters in the very vastness of space, but when a terror is lurking in your own space ship you feel very trapped and helpless. This is a well executed story of survival.

2 Logan’s Run (1976)


Before Star Wars there were a lot of sci-fi films about dystopias and this was one of the best. So if you turn 30, you are done for, unless you run away. This film follows a pair of people doing just that and has them examining what they knew versus what they find outside their little world.

3 Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972)


The Apes series of course began in the 1960’s, but the bulk of them were done in the 1970’s. By the forth film of any series, the ideas are normally running thin. However, I find this one to be the second best in the entire series. We get to see an ape uprising and a spectacular dose of how to get the most out of a limited budget. This film brought some much needed intensity to the series as well.

4 The Omega Man (1971)


In between fighting apes and finding out what Soylent Green was made of, Charlton Heston was in this film about a post- apocalyptic world. Heston and a few others fight a diseased light sensitive cult while trying to come up with a cure for this sickness.” Last Man on Earth” with Vincent Price, “I Am Legend” with Will Smith and “The Omega Man” are all based on the same book, but this is far and away my favorite film version.

5 Starcrash (1979)


With the success of Star Wars came many imitators as well as this low budget Italian film that actually began filming back in 1977. Subtlety and originality are not the films strong points, but it has great pacing, action and it’s just a ton of fun. The film never takes itself too seriously and just plugs along pulling the viewer with it. A real treat for the senses for sure.

Thanks very much, Mark, for this very cool guest post! Everyone, please feel free to sound off below with your feedback and comments! We welcome it, very much. Thanks and I hope you enjoyed Mark’s TOP 5!

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