Netflix Streaming Alert / June 2014 Additions



Hey everyone! Vic here with a new Netflix Alert for June, 2014. Netflix has made available a bunch of really great titles.  I hope you all find something worthy to check out.

Some titles will be available in “Super HD” for those who have a High Def TV and High Speed Internet.  If you find anything notable while browsing that I may have missed, just give me a shout and I will add it to the list!

So, sit back and check out what’s new and enjoy the list and some trailers!

World War Z: Unrated Version 2013 


What About Bob? 1991 


Bonnie & Clyde 2013 


The Art of the Steal 2013 


Doc of the Dead 2014


Oldboy 2013 


Tarzan 1999


Marvel’s Avengers Assemble 2013 


Wolf Creek 2 2013 


Devil’s Knot 2013 


Grand Piano 2014 (You can read my review here)




XXX: State of the Union 2005


Longmire: Season 2 2013 


Scandal: Season 3 2013 


The Smurfs 2 2013 


Almost Human 2013


images (7)


The Bride 1985


Jug Face 2013


Hook 1991


Luther: Series 3 2013 


Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I hope you all find something you may enjoy or love on the list of films and shows. Until next time, keep streaming!

– Vic

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    • I own the unrated blu ray and have never watched the theatrical version. From what I’ve read it consists of more scene extensions (some of which are just as few seconds long) of people, dialog and chase/zombie action with some more gore thrown in.

      Some cuts are smoothed out with some better editing as well. Not sure if there is more to the actual plot than what is shown in the unrated. (I know that there was a Moscow sequence and a Matt Fox subplot that never appeared) There are some comparisons out there on line, I’m sure.

      I also added Almost Human. Looks so retro. Looking forward to that one.

      Have you seen Willow Creek, yet, Mike? I just reviewed it. Let me know. It was quite good. Thanks for checking in man!

      • Yes! That’s the one. I just reviewed it. It is the post before this one. It was pretty cool. I think you may like it.

      • Haha, No, it was Willow Creek. Funny you should mention Wolf’s Creek though, I have never it and I have the movie and the sequel lined up to watch. Many folks split on that first one and I read the sequel was actually ok. We’ll see.

        Let me know when you get around to WC. Hope you enjoy the review, Mike!

    • I have only watched the Unrated version on blu ray and I have always really liked it. Hope you enjoy it.

      Glad you like the Netflix posts! I always enjoy doing these even though I may wait a while between them. I appreciate you checking in, thanks!

  1. Some good ones I haven’t seen yet. I’m curious about The Bride w/ Sting in it, I haven’t even heard of that one Vic. Thanks!

    • Anytime, Ruth! My pleasure. 🙂

      “The Bride” is a curious film. It is actually a continuation and not a remake of BoF. It is more of a gothic romance than a horror picture. It is very nice to look at and the performances are fine but the story can be a bit inert at times. Still do check it out, though. It is still worth at least one watch. I actually added it to my netflix list.

      Thanks for checking in, Ruth. Glad you liked the update!

  2. I thought “Best Night Ever” was new as well! Dude, stay far away from it no matter what you do. If someone breaks in and threatens to beat you up if you do watch it…take the beating instead!

    Anyways, I enjoyed Jug Face, Almost Human and Doc of the Dead!

    • Haha! 🙂 Will do, man!

      I’ve seen Jug Face a few times. Good movie. I am looking forward to Almost Human. Looks so retro. Also, have Doc of the Dead on the Dead on the list, too. But I think I’ll watch Birth of the Living Dead first.

      • Expect a straight slasher and you’ll have a decent time with Almost Human. Some of the acting is off and it is low on suspense but I had a decent time with the great practical effects!

      • Practical effects? I’m in! I have a feeling I will have a blast with it, now 😉

    • watching it this weekend! should have a review up right afterwards. heard good things.

      enjoy your weekend, Eric! thanks for checking in

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