5 Movie Books I am Currently Reading



5 Movie Books I am Currently Reading

By Vic


5 – “The Making of : The Empire Strikes Back”

By J.W. Rinzler with a Foreward by Ridley Scott


4 – “Industrial Light and Magic: The Art of Special Effects”

By Thomas G. Smith


3 – “Steven Spielberg: A Retrospective”

By Richard Schickel


2 – “The Art of Alfred Hitchcock”

By Donald Spoto


1 – “Universal Studios Monsters: A Legacy”

By Michael Mallory

Here are some pics from the Universal Studios, Star Wars, ILM and Steven Spielberg books. Enjoy.

100_6166 100_6175

100_6202 100_6203 100_6204 100_6206


100_6181 100_6184 100_6189 100_6191 100_6193 100_6195

Hope you guys enjoyed the list. What are some of the Movie Books you are reading, currently? Or have read? Do you have some suggestions for me? Let me know below! Thanks for checking in, everyone.




    • I’m having a blast with these. That ILM book is stunning. I’ve had it for many years and I love re-visiting it. The Spielberg and Hitchcock books were gifts from good friends. The “Empire” book is the one I am enjoying the most right now, though.

      Thanks for stopping in, Rob!

  1. I also own that Steven Spielberg retrospective and it is quite the book. A very fascinating and personal look into the cinematic king’s career. Hope you enjoy it.

    • I am enjoying it very much. Only made it halfway through when I had started it a while back. A great gift from a very close friend of mine that loves his films as well. It is indeed fascinating. I love to hear all of the great anecdotes he has from the set of his movies.

      Thanks for checking in!

    • Thanks! Having a lot of fun with these and of course, learning a great deal of history and movie knowledge and facts. Going to keep me busy for a while!

      Thanks for stopping by! Great to hear from you.

    • I’ll look out for that one, David. Sounds very cool. Maybe my local library may have a copy, if not, I’ll track it down on Amazon.

      Thanks for the follow and for the info. I appreciate it!

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