Brian’s Review – “Mr. Brooks” (2009)

Mr Brooks movie poster

What’s it About?

A psychological thriller about a man who is sometimes controlled by his murder-and-mayhem-loving alter ego.

“Mr Brooks”

Directed by Bruce A. Evans

8 out of 10

By Brian

I absolutely love it when I throw in a movie that I know nothing about.  No preconceived notions, no trailers, no expectations, nothing.  It’s very freeing when you can just watch a film unfold.  Mr. Brooks turned out to be a film that I enjoyed very much for just that reason.

Costner plays the title character of Earl Brooks, a successful millionaire business owner who is addicted to killing. In fact, he’s the most meticulous killer ever. He has every single detail down pat of how not to get caught by not leaving any bullet fragments, burning all of his clothes, and even vacuuming his murder scenes to not leave any fibers or hairs.


All of his killings go unsolved until he makes a fatal error.  He forgets to close the shades to the window and someone snaps a picture of his face.  That’s all I’m going to tell you.  The rest takes you on a very interesting ride with a satisfying conclusion that doesn’t tie up all the loose ends like standard Hollywood fare.

Why does this film work when so many other films about serial killers are made and forgotten?  Well, it all starts with Costner, who is absolutely brilliant.  He gives us such a fleshed out and believable character that we can’t help but think there’s a possibility this guy exists.  I was taken so off guard by this film because it was relatively forgotten in its theatrical run and passed by on video.  Do yourself a favor and either rent it or buy it.

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  1. Good review Brian. Though it wasn’t all good, most of it kept me interested. Also, I was glad to see Costner in a leading role once again, because he truly is a great talent.

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