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Top 5 Horror and Sci-fi Sequels that Rock!

By Mike

from Parlor of Horror

Most sequels don’t come anywhere near the spirit, quality and greatness of the films for which they owe their namesake. It’s just the nature of the beast – we’ve already seen what’s behind the curtain. The wizard is exposed and the magic is fading. It’s not easy to get the cat back in the bag, but every once in a while, lightning strikes twice. (If I use one more cliché, I’ll hold the record for the most in one paragraph.)

On to the movies:

5) Poltergeist II (1986)


It’s hard to believe there would be anymore to the story. Instead of rehashing the theme of a home being built on consecrated ground, we have a false prophet that let his followers die at his hand, rather than question their faith in him. Kane, the preacher, is a creepy spirit, reawakened to collect more followers. And who can forget the nasty Tequila worm!

4) Terminator II (1991)


Most will claim this to be their favorite Terminator film. Made at the dawn of CGI film use, James Cameron pushed the digital effects artists to new heights and surreal visuals. The new T-2000 is a metal alloy made of ‘liquid metal.’ I’m sure many of you will be repeating the words ‘liquid metal’ in your best Arnie impression for the rest of the day.

3) Hellraiser II (1988)


If you thought the original was gory, wait until you get a look at the brain surgeon. Repeats some themes from the original. Added to the melee are the mute child that is a genius puzzle solver, large scale views of the Labyrinth,  and a great scene depicting the origin/creation of Pinhead.

2) Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)


Ginny Field is a wonderful character and a heroine worth standing with. Even though Jason has yet to don the hockey mask, he is still a force of horror, wearing a burlap sack with one eye-hole cut out of it. The last act features one of the best stalk and chase scenes in slasher films and Ginny uses her smarts to defeat the masked killer.

1) Evil Dead II (1987)


Raimi and Campbell turn their melodramatic multiple-possession horror flick into a full-tilt black-comedy. They re-shoot parts of the first film with a bigger budget and better results all around. Wonderfully amusing effects gags abound! Eyeball in the mouth, fight with the hand, laughing deer-head, and the dancing lamp are just a few.

Honorable mentions go to:



The Amityville Horror II


The Exorcist 3


Jurassic Park 3


2010: The Year We Make Contact


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