Brian’s Review – “The Snowtown Murders” (2011)


What’s it About?

Based on true events, 16 year-old Jamie falls in with his mother’s new boyfriend and his crowd of self-appointed neighborhood watchmen, a relationship that leads to a spree of torture and murder.

“The Snowtown Murders”

Directed by Justin Kurzel

7 out of 10

By Brian

This film falls squarely in with others I’ve reviewed like “Antichrist”  in that it’s a well made film that shows a picture of hell on Earth in a realistic way and yet I can’t recommend it.  Why? The images in it are filled with real world and all too real horror.  The main character played by Lucas Pittaway is pure frustration to watch.  His whole existence revolves around being a victim.  He is raped by his own brother, pushed around by every single person in his life, and coerced into assisting with murders that horrify and repulse him.  And yet, because he is so weak, he never says no.  As a viewer, it’s never a comfortable experience.

Obviously, considering the subject matter is about some of the worst crimes in Australian history, this comes as no surprise.  But, because this film plays everything off as deadpan real, it gives an uneasy and claustrophobic feel to all of the plot progressions.  We witness graphic tortures, murders, a main character who is pure evil, and a daily routine in a white trash neighborhood that has no glimmer of hope anywhere within its confines.

So, after all of this, why am I rating it a 7?  The performances are excellent all the way around, particularly by Daniel Henshall who plays the deviously charismatic leader of the serial killers.  He tries to make things make sense from his twisted point of view and is methodical in how he gets all these men to kill and torture for him.  Also, the world that is created by Justin Kurzel feels cold, bleak, and all too real.  This is true life horror that couldn’t be further away from the cliche slasher films that most horror enthusiasts are accustomed to.  However, proceed at your own risk.  This is a harrowing film and not one for the squeamish.



    • My sentiments exactly. I don’t know if I could sit through this.
      Thanks for stopping in and checking out Brian’s review!

    • It seems like a tough watch. I may eventually get to it. Gotta give Brian credit for sitting through this one. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Brian’s review is straight to the point. I need to get to this title soon. Thanks for stopping in. Glad you liked the write up!

  1. I do have to check this out at some point since I’ve heard so much about it. Great review, Vic, and I understand your pain. Some films are hard to recommend.

    • I’ve been putting off watching this flick for so long now. Glad you liked Brian’s review! I need to check this movie out very soon.

      Thanks for stopping in, Bill!

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