Paul’s Review – “You’re Next” (2011)

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What’s it About?

When the Davison family comes under attack during their wedding anniversary getaway, the gang of mysterious killers soon learns that one of victims harbors a secret talent for fighting back.

Directed by Adam Wingard

“You’re Next”

9 out of 10

By Paul 

You’re Next,” the movie horror fans have been raving about ever since it hit the festival circuits back in 2011, is finally, and I do mean FINALLY available to watch for all of us ‘regular’ folks.

What can I say that hasn’t already been said on many other websites? It’s a home invasion movie, and while it can be reminiscent of movies you’ve seen before (most notably “The Strangers” comes to mind) it is to the credit of director Adam Wingard that his movie manages to capture what made those movies great and then spins the genre around.

You see, the biggest part of “You’re Next,” and that’s not a spoiler, is the fact that the people assaulting the family become the assaulted once we find out that one of the members in the family is very good at defending (him/her)self.
What Adam Wingard has done is give us the invincible foe, but put him/her on the team with the good guys.

I love my horror, and for those of you who do as well, you must know something I’d like to describe as “fun horror.”
It’s movies like Scream or The Loved Ones, definitely horror, but with comedy thrown in, and it doesn’t go as dark as say Martyrs or The Human Centipede does.

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I find it hard to find such movies who can deliver on horror and still give you a good time, especially if you want to watch a horror movie with someone who is not so willing to discontinue sleeping for a few days.

“You’re Next” definitely belongs in a row which also has “Scream,” “The Loved Ones” and “Switchblade Romance” in it. It’s a love letter to slashers and it knows that it’s made for an audience that knows and loves horror.

This means you won’t get the obligatory stupid decisions from our cast, and we won’t get the been there, done that murders.
Instead, “You’re Next” isn’t afraid to show you what it is: a great roller-coaster of a ride that will have you and your friends screaming with utter joy when it unfolds in front of your eyes.

“You’re Next” was worth the wait.

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  1. Vic – I just unfollowed you and refollowed you because I never get your emails – I didn’t think you were posting anything : (

    Hopefully this fixes that….

    Great work – You’re Next as AWESOME!

    • Oh really? Cool., thanks! Oh, I’ve been posting, man, lol!

      I’m glad you enjoyed Paul’s review. You know what? I haven’t seen You’re Next yet. I know…I’m a slacker. I do have a copy to watch so I’m stoked.

      Keep up the great work on your page, by the way. It’s always a pleasure to stop by! I appreciate you re-following me.

      Stay in touch!

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