Vic’s Top 10: Horror Movie Weapons


Hey gang, here is another Top 10 list for you all. It is my Top 10 best horror movie weapons! Hope you enjoy the list and of course the list is not in any particular order. Have fun!


10) The Corkscrew –


9) The Spear Gun –


600px-Friday13thPart3Speargun2 600px-Friday13thPart8SpeargunAim

8) The Chainsaw –

download (6)


7) Dynamite –

images (12) images (13)

6) The Axe –


5) The Knife –

halloween05 images (3) images (4)

4) The Machete –

download (8) images (9)

3) Finger Knives –

images (5) Nightmare

2) The Flame Thrower –

download (3) images (7) images (8)

1) The Rifle –



The Automobile

download the-car2

images (16)

Hope you all enjoyed the list!  Let me know some of your favorite Horror Movie weapons!

– Vic


    • Simple and effective, lol! 🙂 I figured, if it could stop a 3 ton great white, then it deserves the top spot!

      Glad you liked the list, Gene. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. This is awesome! A brilliant list, great to see Freddy’s finger knives, The Thing flamethrower, and Brody’s rifle blowing up the shark in Jaws all in the top 3! Great choice, I would have picked the same films! Also like how you added Christeen and The Car at the end, I love The Car, that’s a great film!

    • Glad you enjoyed the list, Paul! It was a blast to put together. My kid helped out with some of the picks.

      Christine and The Car are both amazing flicks. I couldn’t leave those off so I put the automobile down for honorable mention as a horror movie weapon.

      Thanks for stopping by, Paul! I appreciate it man.

  2. Great list Vic. I was going to argue knives are the most common, but cars are the most stylish. I heard the guys that made Dreamscape tried to sue Nightmare, but the lawsuit didn’t cut it.

    • I’ve never heard that. Hmm interesting. I can see that but at the end of the day Nightmare is just too damn original for any lawsuit to stick.

      Thanks for stopping by, Maurice! I’m glad you liked the list, man!

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