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Welcome, everyone, to my new Blog Topic:  “Movies we love that everyone else hates!”

My good friend and regular contributor, Michael Thomas-Knight from “Parlor of Horror” has answered my call for contributions (Like he always does) and delivered another great piece for Vic’s Movie Den. He gives us not just one movie but 5! 5 movies that he loves but just about everyone else hates.

You can head on over to his great Horror Blog here: http://parlorofhorror.wordpress.com/  and check out some of his wonderful posts, reviews and pics. You won’t be disappointed if you need a Horror themed fix or need some recommendations for a scary movie night. Tell him Victor sent you!

So, on to his great post for Vic’s Movie Den. Enjoy, gang!

5 Horror Films that I Love… But everyone else seems to hate!

Guest post by Parlor of Horror

Case 39 (2009)

Directed by Christian Alvart


When a social worker (Renee Zellweger) saves a nine-year-old girl from an abusive foster home, she has no idea the girl is the devil’s spawn. Not much special-FX for horror buffs, but I love the dialogue and verbal assaults this young lady delivers.

The Cell (2000)

Directed by Tarsem Singh


A young psychiatrist, Catherine (Jennifer Lopez), uses a machine that allows her consciousness to enter a comatose killer’s dreams. Somewhere in this nightmare world are clues to where he has hidden a young woman he had kidnapped. Lush, beautiful, horror images dominate this visually magnificent film.

Grave Dancers (2006)

Directed by Mike Mendez


After dancing on graves in potter’s field, a group of friends is cursed by the spirits buried there, which consist of psychopaths and sadistic murderers. The ghost characters in this film are outstanding and creepy as hell. Many complain about the CGI ending in last 5 minutes. But the rest of the film is all practical make-up and mechanical effects and worth a watch, especially around Halloween.

Pulse (2006)

Directed by Jim Sonzero

pulse__2006__kristen_bell__ian_somerhalder__christina_milianThis is an American remake of the J-Horror original. Souls of the damned find a path to the living using the boosted frequencies of modern media. Since they are coming through electronic devices, the CG effects work well here. People hate this film. I love it. I bought it and watched it probably 20 times.

Signs (2002)

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan


A farmer in rural Pennsylvania finds crop circles have appeared in his field overnight. He tries to dismiss it as the work of local hooligan’s but something is closing in on his farmhouse. He fights to protect his family from the invasion in this suspenseful alien encounter film. Sure, Shyamalan beats us over the head with the ‘message’ in this one but I find it entertaining nevertheless.

Thanks very much for this incredible post, Michael.  I am very happy to have had you kick off this new post topic for me. Please, feel free to come back very soon. Your posts always rock!

Vic’s Note:


If anyone is interested in submitting a guest post with a Movie (Or Movies) you LOVE that everyone else HATES, please send me an e mail at:  vicsmovieden1@yahoo.com and let me hear your ideas! I’d love to hear from you all!

Many Thanks,

– Victor @ Vic’s Movie Den