Netflix Streaming Alert: Late August / 2013

Now Streaming on Netflix!
Now Streaming on Netflix!

Hi Netflix / Movie Lovers! Vic here with another list of some New and Noteworthy movies available to stream on Netflix Instant Streaming Enjoy the list and stay tuned for a new list to come for September of 2013. Thanks everyone for stopping by!

– Vic


The Rundown

The Boondock Saints

Solomon Kane

MST3K: Gamera



The Reef

A Haunted House

Kiss of the Damned


Donnie Darko

The Gift

WWE for All Mankind: The Life & Career…

Thanks for stopping by everyone and I hope you all get to check out a flick or two off the list!



    • No, you won’t be wasting your time! It’s sick, bro. Loud, full of action, over the top violence and of course it has Karl Urban. I just queued it myself. I hope you enjoy it, Michael. Thanks for stopping by, man!

    • Oh yeah, I dug it. Gets put down a lot but I think it accomplishes much, like it’s humor, that makes it really work in it’s favor. Urban was beast. TY for stopping by, Eric. I appreciate it!

    • That’s the reason I put it in my queue, GSB. I had read that same very thing but as least I know what to expect now. Thanks! I appreciate you stopping by also!

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