Netflix Streaming Alert: Early August / 2013

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Available Now:

The Living Daylights

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The Spy Who Loved Me

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Tomorrow Never Dies



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Other James Bond / 007 Movies available are:

Live and Let Die

Dr. No

You Only Live Twice

The Man With The Golden Gun


From Russia with Love

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Never Say Never Again


A View To A Kill

Licence To Kill

Other Netflix Streaming Titles Available:

The Breakfast Club

Days of Thunder

Do the Right Thing


Event Horizon

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Fringe: Season 5 (GeekGasm!!!)


Munger Road




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Titanic (1997)


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The Collection

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Stay Tuned for more Titles for August/2013 as they become available!

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  1. I heard mixed reviews on The Collection but will probably check it out. I watched most of the older Bond movies last year, took them out of the library. I do want to catch Piranha, haven’t seen it in years. And I love Event Horizon. I’m itching to do a review of it. I have the dvd with all the making of and interviews…

    • I liked “The Collection” but not as much as the first entry. It does have over the top gore and some crazy kills but the ending is what makes it work for me. Piranha is always a great watch. EH is also available. I have the DVD but I put it on my queue anyway since it is easier to access using my Smart TV instead. As far as the Bond films, Netflix loves to post and pull those titles. It’s a “Here at one moment, Gone the next” kinda thing. Love all the 007 flicks. Thanks for checking in, Michael!

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