Netflix Streaming Alert: July / 2013

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Available Now:

The Avengers


Silent Hill: Revelations

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Super Troopers

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Planet of the Apes (1968)

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Also Currently Available for July –

Fat Man and Little Boy


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Benny and Joon


The Boxer

Rugrats Go Wild

Man in the Iron Mask

The Truman Show

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13 going on 30

Ripper Street

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  1. Yes… RIPPER STREET! Now I can pull the SD versions off the DVR (my cable has BBC America in SD only, the bastards) and watch it on GLORIOUS 1080p! Now, when are we getting Orphan Black?

    Some really good films being added this month but you know it won’t satisfy everyone that complains that Netflix doesn’t have any content for their $8 per month.

    Good to see Fat Man and Little Boy back. Now, i’m actually going to watch it as opposed to letting it fall out of my queue again and forgetting about it.

    Speaking of which, am I crazy or are all of the MST3K titles gone except the movie?

    • My son noticed the same thing about MST3K. Don’t know what happened there, man. He LOVES those films. I have gotten only as far as ep. 5 or 6 with Ripper Street so I am stoked to catch up on Netflix. Also, I have been watching Orphan Black. Great show! I am watching a few eps today as a matter of fact. I will definitely let you know if it becomes available. I feel that Netflix is making a valiant effort to put out a diverse and healthy amount of TV shows and movies. It probably will never satisfy everyone but I give them an A for effort. I know I get my money’s worth every month for sure with no complaints. Have you watched “Hemlock Grove” yet? Thanks for stopping by, Shawn! I appreciate it.

  2. Just watched the trailer for Spiders, I was a little iffy with this one because I thought it may be a Syfy/Asylum flick with bad CGI. It looks good, thanks for posting this. Seen most of the rest already 🙂

    • I didn’t like “Spiders” as much as I thought I would but it has it’s moments. The CGI in places is hit or miss. I’d place it at a hair’s length above an Asylum movie on a good day. Thanks for stopping by, man!

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