Vic’s Poll – Which is your Favorite “Halloween” Film?

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Hi gang! Well, October is still a few months away but in anticipation of the new 35th Anniversary Blu Ray release of John Carpenter’s “Halloween”  I wanted to get an idea of which “Halloween” film is the most popular with Horror fans. The new Blu Ray will include a newly recorded commentary by Director John Carpenter and lead Actress Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie Strode).

The pair, along with the late Debra Hill, had previously recorded commentary tracks for “Halloween”  but they were actually separate tracks and this will mark the first time that the director and actress will be watching “Halloween” while they discuss it. Also, Director of Photography Dean Cundey will be supervising the new digital transfer. I am very excited for this upcoming release in October. Well, enough chit chat. Let’s get voting! Enjoy!

– Vic



    • They do! Very true. Rosenthal’s film is one of the better horror sequels that maintains the mood and style of JC’s movie. Much like Friday the 13th Part 2. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Can’t argue with you there. I’ve been asked numerous times to give it another chance and when I recently did, I could get only so far before I lost interest. I think I got as far as Ken Foree’s truck stop scene. JC’s original is the way to go for many fans of the franchise. Thanks for stopping by and voting!

  1. I think you’re going to have a no contest Hallween 1978 as the winner. For me it would be followed by Halloween II (1979). Third I would have, RZ Halloween, (everyone in the audience gasps). The rest of those Halloweens are weak with the exception of H2O which wasn’t bad. I would put that at 4.

    • Yeah, Halloween: H20 turned a lot of fans off but I thought it was a great sequel. I loved the first and Rosenthal’s H2 sequel almost equally. Thanks for stopping by and voting, Mike. I appreciate it, man!

  2. I would have to choose the 1978 original by Carpenter, its a classic, and one of my favourite horror films. The original Halloween film was perfect, its so scary, even now it still makes me jump even though I’ve seen it so many times.

    • Oh yeah, it still makes me jump too. That scene when Laurie approaches the house to leave the key still gets me every time. Great stuff. So intense. Thanks for stopping by and voting, Paul!

    • Yeah, I’ve tried giving the remake a second and third chance but I can never finish it. I know many really like it though. I’m just not much of an RZ fan I suppose. I did like H2, H3 and H20. Thanks for stopping by and voting!

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