Vic’s Movie Dencast Episode 1: A Short Intro

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Hi gang! I just wanted to share a quick intro for my upcoming Podcasts which will be simply called: Vic’s Movie Dencast!

This is just a short and sweet intro and it may sound a bit clunky and the voice levels may be off a bit. I’m very new to cutting together audio files and using Audacity. I trust, however, that when I do more and more of these I will get better at putting them together. I’m looking forward to doing more and having some great guests on to discuss all things Movies and more!

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Thanks for all your support and please feel free to give me a holler and share your thoughts, suggestions and feedback!

Thanks, everyone!

Vic @ Vic’s Movie Den

“Jaws”  *Copyright @ Universal Pictures

John Carpenter’s “Escape from LA”  *Copyright @ Paramount Pictures

You can also listen here:


    • Thank you kindly, Paul! My pal Bubbawheat was tutoring me a bit on Twitter regarding adjusting sound levels on Audacity. Can’t wait to have you on, bro! I will stay in touch! 🙂

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