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Listen up, nerds

Hi gang! Just wanted to give you all an update on what’s going on here in Vic’s Movie Den and what is also in the works!

Because of my pretty busy schedule of late I will be concentrating mainly on Movie Reviews. ( Many of you already knew this so it’s not really a surprise ) – I will still be doing Guilty Pleasures, Classics, reviewing some obscure movies and of course some new flicks too. Some of these films will be movies I’ve already seen, own on DVD or Blu-Ray or have watched on www.netflix.com / Instant Streaming. Β I also will still be doing Netflix Updates periodically too!

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I will still do the occasional “On The Set” posts and of course posting Images, Posters, Lobby Cards and Art Work from various movies. I enjoy laying out and working on those types of posts and I always get great feedback from you all. I will still post some Movie Trailers here and there.

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– I will also continue to do The Bond Films, The Hammer Films, The Hitchcock Films and of course The Twilight Zone!

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– I will keep doing Top 5 and Top 10 lists. They are always fun and you guys love them and respond so positively when I do them!

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– I will NOT be doing anymore generic news pieces. So many of you guys out there do it more frequently and much better than I ever could.

– I am NO longer going to review or recap individual episodes of TV Shows ( I.E. The Walking Dead, Dexter and so on. ) unless I do a once in a while review for www.tv-tastic.com of course.

Sorry Zombies :(

Sorry Zombies 😦






– I will NO longer do Comic Book recaps as well. My buddy, Paul Bowler has a great site that recaps and reviews all of the cool latest Comic Book releases. Here it is: www.scifijubilee.wordpress.comΒ –

– If I think a particular comic book story-line or graphic novel stands out, though,Β  I will then indeed do a post for it.

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Why, Victor? Why?


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If any of you have any feedback, suggestions or recommendations, please share them with me here in The Den. I look forward to changing things up a bit from now on and I would love to get more bloggers involved in some great discussions, debates and so forth.

Thanks for your support, gang, I appreciate you all and I am so fortunate to be involved so many awesome people as a result of sharing my passion for movies here on my blog!

Vic @ Vic’s Movie Den

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