Netflix Alert! Titles Now Available

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Here are some new titles coming soon to Netflix Streaming, everyone. I’m sure you’ll find some that you would like to add to your queue!

Here are some Titles for Late March!

I will post Titles for April next week, stay tuned!

Mad Men: Season 5  (2012)   – 03/25/2013

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The Tempest  (2010)   – 03/25/2013

Holy Motors  (2012)   – 03/26/2013

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Citadel  (2012)   – 03/26/2013

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Samurai Jack: Season 1  (2001)   – 03/30/2013

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The Frankenstein Theory  (2013)   – 03/30/2013

The Awakening  (2011)   – 03/30/2013

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Johnny Bravo: Season 1  (1997)   – 03/30/2013

Dexter’s Laboratory: Season 1  (1996) – 03/30/2013

Batman Beyond: Season 1  (1999)   – 03/30/2013

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Carrie  (1976)   – 03/31/2013

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The Marine 2  (2009)   – 03/31/2013

Devil Seed  (2012)   – 03/31/2013

Childrens Hospital: Season 1  (2010)   – 03/30/2013

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Devil Seed  (2012)   – 03/31/2013

Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts  (2009)   – 03/31/2013

Other Titles include

Justice League Animated

Justice League Unlimited (Animated)

Vampire Dog

Powerpuff Girls

Stay tuned for April’s releases coming soon to Vic’s Movie Den!


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  1. Yaaay, season 5 of Mad Men! I’ve been wanting to buy it on DVD (I have all of the other seasons in my collection) but I haven’t been able to justify shelling out almost $50 for it. Gonna have to have a marathon before the new season starts!

    • I can relate. 50 bucks is pretty steep. Netflix does pull through in times like these when we want to watch seasons of some shows that we don’t really want to have to buy. I’m kind of glad that I never bought any seasons of Fringe since it’ll be available in early April. I hated how they pulled Dexter a ways back though.Thanks for stopping by Lindsey!

    • Ah, yes! The Hunger Games is a big title. Glad to see Netflix allowing blockbusters to premiere on Instant Viewing right away. I hope you enjoy “Carrie” It’s a great De Palma entry that has remained so iconic over the years. Thanks for stopping by, Michael!

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