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As many of you already know, running and maintaining a Movie blog page is challenging, fun and rewarding. For me, it has been a blast and is hands down one of my favorite hobbies. It can be quite demanding as well. Some days I feel that there are not enough hours in the day to run my own blog the way I want. I, myself , have a wife and 3 busy teenagers.

There are always obligations and not only me but my wife as well lead pretty busy lives especially during the week and on the weekends we try and catch up with other things including rest! While running Vic’s movie Den, I have had the pleasure and the honor of meeting, talking to and networking with so many other bloggers and readers that share my passion for Movies and also love discussing them. Way too many to name here. But you all know who you are.


With all the different categories that I have started here on my blog, I have fallen behind and/or neglected some. Like The Walking Dead, Comics, Televison, Dexter and so on. Other bloggers, whom I envy, can have so many categories and topics that they routinely add to that it is just mind boggling. I’ve come to realize and come to terms with the fact that I can’t do all of that just yet. I sometimes feel burned out and occasionally hit that brick wall most writers hit once in a while.

Shit, sometimes I have a hard time trying to just pick out a movie to watch or re-visit for review. I try to be discriminating at times and stick to some titles and genres I know many of my followers and readers will gravitate to. I know many of you out there love all sorts of different topics and like to read about current movie news, happenings, trailers, new releases and so on. There are many blogs and websites that do all of that better and more efficiently than I ever could.

I do love Comics, Television, Photography, Top 5 and 10 lists and Movie Artwork for example but it’s hard to punch out some posts in some or all of these topics all the time. In 2013, though, I will try to but I’ve made a decision to stick with, first and foremost,  reviewing Movies.

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It doesn’t mean I’ll drop off of doing a variety of posts, not at all. It’s good to change things up a bit once in a while but like I said earlier there isn’t enough time in a day or even a week to get it all done so Movies are where I will be focusing my posts on. Like Vic’s Reviews, Guilty Pleasures, Vic’s Classics, The Hitchcock Films,  The Bond Films and so on. I feel that Movies are where I should hone in on. Other blogs have very creative on-going  topics and categories which involve the contributions of other writers as well as  Trivia, Best of,  and lists of  favorite films of other bloggers.

A great example being “The Desert Island Films” over at “Head in a Vice” run by the brilliant Tyson Carter – or even the cool “5 Phenomenal” posts done by by Keith and the Movies –  I have had aspirations to do these types of posts and maybe I will someday but I’m sticking to Movie Reviews because it’s what I know and what I do best. It is what I have the TIME for! 🙂

I love doing it and I have the best readers, followers and friends that have always had my back and have always supported and interacted with me here on Vic’s Movie Den and on my Twitter page.  I am honored and lucky to have you all. I don’t know just how many of you will read this post or come across it but I would like to sincerely tell you all that the best is yet to come and I always appreciate even the smallest comment, feedback, view or like. You guys all make Vic’s Movie Den what it is. Stay tuned!

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