Michael Cavacini treats us to “The James Bond Archives”


Listen up all you Bondheads! And you all know who you are!

My good buddy, Michael Cavacini from MichaelCavacini.com  has just shared a new Video he whipped up with style and fun about his latest and greatest new treasure. The Ultimate 007 Coffee Table book called “The James Bond Archives.” It was Michael’s 100th post on his blog, too! Go Micheal!!!

Michael was nice enough to allow me to share his awesome Vid in which he covers the book in some detail. It looks incredible! So buckle down for a few minutes and check out this entertaining video starring Senor Cavacini showing off his cool book! I am so incredibly jealous, Michael. “Sigh….”

images (1)

images (2) Here is Michael Cavacini’s entertaining You Tube Channel where you can browse all his Videos as well! Micheal’s You Tube Channel

Thanks again, Michael and keep the great vids coming, man!



    • It is beautiful! Thank you for reminding me to get Kubrick’s book as well. I really would love to get it as well as this immense 007 book. Thanks for stopping by!

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