New “Star Trek Into Darkness” Pics from EW and is Cumberbatch really playing Khan?


It may have been leaked from EW that Benedict Cumberbatch may in fact be Khan in the next installment of the rebooted franchise from Paramount Pictures and JJ Abrams. According to the IMDB he is now Khan (Rumored) and not John Harrison. I do hope it’s true since Cumberbatch looks completely bad ass in this next Trek epic. But if he isn’t I still wouldn’t be that bummed. Time will tell. Enjoy the pics, fellow Treksters! (or Trekkies or Trekkers…take your pick!) Β πŸ˜€


Thanks to EW for the pics!

Here is a link for more info! –Β

Here is the Super Bowl Spot for “Star Trek Into Darkness” –


  1. This could be the most anticipated film of 2013. Off topic and I hate to plug myself in someone’s comment section, but I know you’re a lover of comic books and we’ve done a little comic strip on my website making fun of Taken 2. Come have a read. I only ask because I know you love comics.

    • Boo!!! haha Just kidding bro! It’s ok. I still get weird looks from people whenever I announce I like Trek. They give me that “Star Trek is lame and boring” look…oh well. I like a lot of lame stuff πŸ˜€

      • I just met a young man yesterday that is a huge sci fi book reader and he totally hates both franchises. He prefers Doctor Who and SyFy original shows. Go figure. Not all sci fi geeks like Trek and Star Wars. Plus there is good Trek and bad Trek anyway. Same, most definitely for Star Wars, too. Most Trek and SW fans are gluttons for punishment lol πŸ™‚

      • I’m not really into sci-fi outside of stuff like Invasion of the Body Snatchers or movies like that like They Live. Was never really into the Alien series either. Only like I said certain kind of sci-fi.

      • Ah, I see. The darker stuff. I totally get it. I thought you dug the Alien flicks? I love the first 2 very much. I like the Predator flicks too.

      • I don’t dislike the Alien movies, but its just not really my style, but I do enjoy the first 2, but wouldn’t rate them as personal favorites. I also like Predator as well. I guess when it comes to sci-fi I’m more into alien invasion stories. Mainly again in the style of Body Snatchers. Other examples would be The Faculty.

        I guess the ones where you don’t know who is who. Predator may not fit into that, but I did like the movie. But yeah with sci-fi I am very picky.

      • Stupid app. Don’t think my comment went through. Ugh. I like the first 2 Alien flicks, but wouldn’t rate them as personal favorites. I am kinda picky with sci-fi. I mainly like stuff like Body Snatchers or the Facutly. Sort of you don’t know who is who.

        Predator may not fit that, but I do like the film, but yeah kinda picky with sci-fi

      • I think it came through ok bro lol. But anyway I did enjoy The Faculty very much. I liked all of the Jack Finney IOTBS movies even the Nicole Kidman/Daniel Craig movie. Alien invasion movies where they hide in plain sight are very cool if they are done well. Kaufman’s remake is amazing

      • Invasion was good. I liked all,the versions, but first 2 were the best and I 100% agree on the remake. One of my all time faves.

        It was the first review I posted here actually. One of my favorite films and reviews so yeah it went up first. But I cannot explain how much I love that film

      • your first review? really? gonna search for it bro. I don’t think I read that one. Kaufman knocked it outta the park. One particular scene that still creeps me out is when a dude that is dressed up like a priest is on a swing and the camera just rocks to and fro in time with him. He kinda looked like Robert Duvall but I’m not sure it was him. You could tell he was totally taken over and replicated and it was early on in the film too.

      • It was Duvall actually. Maybe he was friends with the director or producer or,something.

        But yeah the first review I posted here. Wanted to go with something special for the first here and that was my choice. Such an amazingly creepy film

      • It was Duvall? Ah cool. Did he get credit for that scene? It lasted only like 15 seconds or so. I’m gonna give your review a look see bro! πŸ™‚

  2. Not a Star Trek fan but watched enough with my ex to have a basic understanding of the world. This movie though (the first one) I totally didn’t mind though. Probably won’t rush out to see the second but I’ll definitely catch it on demand.

    • Sounds cool. Many prefer Trek in small doses. It’s totally ok. Plus, there are so many shows, books, comics and other stuff that is way overwhelming. I would just stick to the movies lol. Thanks for stopping by, Misty! πŸ™‚

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