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Hi gang! Doing Top 5 and Top 10 lists are both very hard and fun to do and for a very big fan of Hammer Films like myself, I would find it most daunting.  My good buddy, Mark, who runs the very cool Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror page: “Lasers, Monsters and Barbarians, Oh My!” makes it look very easy.

Mark was kind enough to answer my call to action and is yet another great blogger who has contributed here to Vic’s Movie Den! Here are his Top 5 Hammer Films! Enjoy!


5 – Straight on till morning – A rather disturbing little film but a young girl looking for love but she definitely ends up with the wrong person.

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4 – Kiss of the vampire – The vampires in this film are in a cult and we see vampirism looked at as an illness. Of course they are still bloodsuckers and they rightfully get what they deserve.

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3 – Nightmare – One of several psychological thrillers that Hammer attempted in the mid 1960’s. Not many familiar faces, but a well-written and tightly executed little film.

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2 – Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb – Not the same old bandaged, staggering kind of Mummy. This film does focus on an ancient curse but manages to present a different take on an ancient evil.

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1 – Captain Kronos –  Vampire Hunter – This overlooked gem is a great and very different take on the old vampire story.  It’s a shame that Hammer didn’t do another Captain Kronos film.

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Thanks again to Mark! Awesome job on this Top 5!