Nic Cage pics of dropped Superman Movie from Tim Burton – Real or Fake?

Yowza. I think my eyes are bleeding.

Real or Fake? You Decide!!!

These stills are quite cool looking even for the most jaded Nic Cage / Tim Burton fan. I wonder sometimes if Burton would have pulled it off…


I know it’s a bit late in the game to be really interested in any of this crap but what do you all think? Could it have been pulled off? Are these pics just more fodder for us nerds? Let me know!

– Vic


    • I suppose I feel the same way, Mark. I don’t know if the combo would have been very inspiring. Thanks for swinging in! Always appreciated, man! 🙂

  1. That first pic has been around for a while. I think one of my forum avatars somewhere is of that horrid thing. He looks like Superman after a severe bong hit. But I’ve never seen the other two pics, those are awesome! The suit isn’t that great to me, though, because it’s one of those fake muscle suits that makes no sense. You need to just have a really ripped guy in a suit that shows off his actual muscles, especially if it’s for Superman. Other than that, it looks okay to me. But, um, yea…Cage has no business being Superman.

  2. “after a severe bong hit” haha best comment on this thread yet. I know what you mean about that suit. I hate fake muscle suits. It almost looks like the batsuit that Kilmer and Clooney wore except without the S. Ugh. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I think this was right around the time Mars Attacks came out, and it was right after Con Air and Face Off did big business, so if you think about it, it’s Nic Cage at the height of his ability, and Tim Burton during a questionable period. This could have been THE WORST movie ever made, but all we can do is dream.

    • I agree. It could have been a disaster. I forgot that Cage was a cash cow for the studios for a while. He was their darling. The Rock was also a big hit for him as well. Say what you will about his abilities, he sure stays busy.

  4. It looks much better in black and white. If they are fakes, they’ve been going around for a while, I know I’ve seen the first one a while back. While I have my serious doubts about the movie itself, I would love to see a documentary about the production like someone is trying to pull off on kickstarter right now.

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