Last Road Review’s Top 5: Underrated Horror Films of the 90’s

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Here is some more gory goodness for you Horror Hounds out there! You all know who you are, too. My buddy, Dave from Last Road Reviews has contributed this very cool post of his Top 5 Underrated Horror Flicks of the 1990’s. Dave and I go way back and his great horror reviews are not to be missed.
His Lobby Card and Poster Galleries which showcase awesome movie artwork are the best. His site is entertaining and informative. I always end up learning something about the film he writes about which is no easy feat but Dave makes it look simple. Here is one post of his I really enjoyed –
Here is the link to Dave’s awesome Horror Movie Site, enjoy! –
So here are 5 movies from the 90s I find very underrated. I only picked 5 to make it more of a challenge since putting together a really big list isn’t very fun since its too easy. These picks are in no order by the way. But these films I feel are better than given credit for.
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5- Trauma(Dario Argento)
Most people cite Trauma as an average movie by Dario Argento and while I understand why I personally love this movie and would cite it as one of my favorite Argento films. While it lacks the visual look of some of his other movies its still in my opinion an excellent flick that is also one of his better written films.
4 – Uncle Sam(William Lustig)
It’s quite easy to understand the negative reviews and when I first saw this back in the 90s I would agree, but now its really grown on me and is a fun movie and makes for a clever satire on the American way of life.
3 – New Nightmare (Wes Craven)
Over the years this has gained in popularity, but I still feel it quite doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It’s well written and directed with solid acting.  While it’s in my Top 5 Wes Craven flicks,  from a technical aspect this was his best film.
2 – People Under the Stairs(Wes Craven)
While most see this as silly fun it also has a good dose of social commentary; this is one of my favorite Wes Craven movies and like New Nightmare it gets its due, but not enough. The movie is smarter than people realize.
1 – Cat in the Brain(Lucio Fulci)
One of the last films made by Lucio Fulci and his best movie since 1982 with New York Ripper. Fulci plays a take on himself and years after making violent movies his grasp on reality is starting to go away. While the pacing can be sluggish at times, Fulci fans should enjoy this. Interestingly enough the gore scenes are taken from Fulci’s less popular films as well as films he produced. The highlight was the shower scene, which is an insanely gory take on Psycho (that scene was taken from Murder Secret, which Fulci was an adviser).
Thanks Dave for this awesome Top 5! Please feel free to contribute more in the future. I’d love to have you back!
Vic @ Vic’s Movie Den


    • Agreed. He was way more darker – almost just as much as he was in Craven’s first film. Thanks for stopping by, bro!

  1. I remember going to see The People under the stairs when it came out with some friends. I was the only one in the group that liked it. Exactly what a horror comedy should be.

    • Exactly. The movie went over some of my friends heads too when we all went to see it way back in the day. Thanks for stopping in!

  2. I was unsure on including New Nightmare, but like in the post despite the following over the years it got I still feel it should be talked about more.

    Perhaps I’ll make a follow up list with 5 more films.

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