Would you like to be a Guest Blogger for Vic’s Movie Den?

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In this new and exciting New Year I would love to invite some of my very good Movie Blog friends to stop by and leave a short blog post about Movies that they love, hate or whatever.  I will list some Categories and if you are interested then just pick a category and send me a short post and I will take care of the rest! I hope many of you can participate and of course I will do an intro for you and include a link to your blog page or web site. I think this may be a lot of fun and a cool way to get Movie fans to communicate and network. I’m looking forward to hearing from many of you! If you are interested just give me a shout @ vicjd1@gmail.com

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Here are some Categories you all can choose from ( You can choose single films to write about or if you’d like maybe do a list or a Top 5 even. Just wing it! )

Guilty Pleasure Movies

Creature Features

Classic Sci Fi

Classic Horror

Under The Radar Movies

Favorite Horror Films

Favorite Sci Fi Movies

Best Hitchcock Movies

Best John Carpenter Movies

Best Horror Movies of the 1980’s

Best Horror Movies of the 1990’s

Best Superhero Movies

Best Sci Fi Movies of the 1980’s and 1990’s

Best Kubrick Movies

Best Cop Dramas

These are some examples and categories, if you have your own you’d like to submit – go for it!  Suggestions are welcome and encouraged.  The posts can be as brief or as long as you wish, too. Thanks!

– Vic @ Vic’s Movie Den


    • Thanks Dave! Can’t wait. It’s very appreciated! 🙂 Take your time and I’ll be looking out for it.

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