Vic’s Top 10: Favorite “Batman” Comic Book Stories


Here are my Top 10 Favorite Batman Comic Book stories. I hope you have enjoyed some of these as much as I have.

Vic’s Note: They are not in any real order with the exception of the Top 3 of Course. Enjoy the pics!

10 – “Hush”

Written by Jeph Loeb

Art by Jim Lee

Inks by Scott Williams

downloadimages (6)

9 – “The Killing Joke”

Written by Alan Moore

Art by Brian Bolland

images (12)images

8 – “Son of the Demon

Written by Mike W. Barr

Art by Jerry Bingham

images (8)images (9)images (10)

7 – “Batman Reborn”

Written by Grant Morrison

Art by Mike Quitely and Phillip Tan

images (13)images (14)

6 – “Red Rain”

Written by Doug Moench

Art by Kelley Jones

images (17)images (15)images (16)

5 – “Arkham Asylum”

Written by Grant Morrison

Art by Dave McKean

images (18)images (19)images (21)images (20)

4 – “Batman – Noel”

Written by Lee Bermejo

Art by Lee Bermejo

images (25)images (24)images (23)images (22)

3 – “The Long Halloween”

Written by Jeph Loeb

Art by Tim Sale

images (26)images (27)images (30)images (29)

2 – “Batman – Year One”

Written by Frank Miller

Art by David Mazzuchelli

images (33)images (34)images (35)images (32)

1 – “The Dark Knight Returns”

Written by Frank Miller

Art by Frank Miller

images (36)images (37)images (38)

images (39)images (40)images (41)images (42)



By Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo

Batman: "Death of  the Family"
Batman: “Death of the Family”


  1. I used to read Batman comics a bit when I was younger. I liked comics but not enough to collect. I do have a few Batman comics I bought through an app. A Death in the Family was great. Read that when I was a kid and recently read it again

      • I bought issue 1 of Batman via an app. Interesting to see how times have changed in the writing style. I wanna get some of the newer Batman and Robin comics. Damien Wayne is wicked in the Batgirl series (Dick Grayson is Batman in most of the Batgirl comics, Bruce does come back, but he only appears like once real briefly, but Grayson appears a few times as Batman)

  2. Love them all, especially ‘The Killing Joke’ and ‘TDKR’. Both are great and really detail some character traits that aren’t ever zoomed in upon when you watch any of the movies. Love that you do these off beat posts every now and again. Great job friend!

    • Thanks, Paul. This one was fun. I’ve also started to actually re-read them as well. I’ll have some more of these types of posts lined up so stay tuned! Thanks for stopping in. πŸ˜€

  3. I agree with your Top 3. However, surprised to not see BATMAN: RIP in here.

    I thought the whole ‘home-less Bats’ and how he trains his psyche to foresee such a thing was another awesome testament of Bruce Wayne’s ‘always be prepared’ mentality.

    • You know what? I haven’t read RIP yet. Bad Batman fan Bad Batman fan! I love Morrison too. I’ll check it out from the library. The list may change, yet! πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!

      • *gasp*
        You should. I love Morrison for how he brings in old shit and remixes them into new continuity… even the weird stuff.

        No worries… I like your Blog.

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