“Godzilla vs. Biollante” finally out on Blu Ray!












All you Kaiju and Godzilla fans out there (You all know who you are!) can now rejoice with the release of the last G-Film of the 1980’s which ushered in the modern 90’s entries and was a taste of some Godzilla greatness that would eventually come  to a head with the brilliant “Godzilla – Final Wars.”

Here is the Blu Ray review for “Godzilla vs Biollante” from http://www.blu-ray.com/





  1. I love Godzilla vs. Biollante! I bought the Criterion version of the original Godzilla which is a real treasure…I now have 3 different dvds of the original Godzilla and yet I still only have a VHS copy of Godzilla vs. Biollante…shame on me…I really should own it on DVD!

    • I think I have that same VHS lol. I have that Criterion version of Gojira, too. I prefer the original Japanese cut without Raymond Burr. But I liked Burr in Godzilla 1985…go figure. What I liked about G vs B is how well staged the fights were and that it had some cool G. moments. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Oh hell ya the original Japanese version!…that Burr insertion was miserable. I wrote a painfully long review for the 54 original and had a good bitch about the 56 Burr version.

      • You did? I gotta read that. Yeah, Burr’s version was the only one to watch for so many years too. The Japanese version is the way to go for sure. Just so much more emotional and resonant. I’ll look for your review! Thanks!

  2. I had this coming as a screener from Echo Bridge, but had to cancel my request due to not having a blu-ray player anymore. Thanks Sandy you dumbass lol.

    No,biggie it looked cool, but not a huge Godzilla fan.

    By the way I hope to drop some Christmas themed horror reviews if not starting this week then next

    • Cool! Looking forward to them! G vs B is a great entry in the series. I can’t wait to scoop up this blu ray. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. One of only 2 Godzilla movies from the 1980’s – and a bit more serious than the cheesy 1970s films. I liked it a lot – more science fiction in it, which is what I like. I always thought of this as Godzilla meets ‘day of the triffids’. Love the upgrades to Godzilla, the double row of teeth, more aggressive face, etc.

    • I like that. G meets Day of the Triffids. Ha. Cool. I like G vs Biollante a lot. Godzilla looked very menacing and terrifying in this movie. A great departure from previous G movies. I liked that it introduced Megumi Odaka as Miki who went on to star in a few more G flicks afterwards.

      • Yeah, all the ones in the 90’s were great, most in the 2000’s, too. The only one I didn’t think was so great was Final Wars – it seemed like a rehash of Destroy All Monsters and I didn’t like all those “power ranger’ style fighters…

      • I didn’t like the same thing about final wars too. felt like some saturday morning mighty morphin show. ugh. but the battles were cool. I love just about all the 90’s entries.

    • Enjoy! I hope you like it. It is a crazy flick. It is the last of the 80’s G movies. (There were only 2 done) It set the tone for the ones to follow during the 90’s. Those are all well done and pretty entertaining. Thanks for stopping by!

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