Concept Art, Designs and Sculptures for upcoming “Godzilla” from Legendary Pictures

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“Godzilla” will be directed by “Monsters” director Gareth Edwards and only Aaron Shang (Curse of the Golden Flower and Entourage) has been cast as “Carl Takahashi”

It is being penned by David S. Goyer (Blade II and Batman Begins) and Max Borenstein (The Seventh Son)

The film is slated for a release in 2014 (Yeah, we have a ways to go, bummer.) Also, some of this artwork may or may not be approved by Legendary Pictures.

Note: Gareth Edward’s “Monsters” is available on Netflix Streaming. Enjoy!




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This one has a Ray Harryhausen look to it.
This one has a Ray Harryhausen look to it.

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    • I’m not crazy about the arms either. Some of these concepts and designs are still in the early stages too. Thanks for stopping by, Black Saint!

  1. I prefer the second from the bottom design where G has more of a dragon or snake look to his face – he’s got a real snarl going there. But if it turns out to be the bottom design, I wouldn’t complain either. What a boring interview w/ Edwards, I’m afraid for this film… all we really wanted to hear is, “I was a huge Godzilla fan growing up and I want to do the film justice.”

    • I thought the same thing! At the panel discussion with Goyer he appeared to be a bit overwhelmed and a bit out of place. Almost as if he didn’t feel like the right man for the job. We’ll see. Oh and I like the bottom G design you mentioned. Thanks for stopping by!

    • A marathon would be epic. Each decade has a different “take” on Godzilla. But I would start at the beginning and go from there. If you can’t, most of the entries from the 60’s and 90’s are awesome. The 70’s Godzilla becomes a “good guy” and is made to appeal to children of all ages. Watch at your own risk. (They are fun though but not very serious in tone like say the first movie “Gojira” from 1954) Enjoy and thanks for stopping in!

    • Yeah, I can’t wait. Edwards may be the perfect fit. I believe he is working on some pre-vis work now, too.

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