“The Walking Dead” Season #3 Episode #8 (Mid-Season Finale)

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NOTE: Spoilers ahead, gang!

This episode is a “Don’t Miss!”

“Made to Suffer”

Directed by Billy Gierhart

Holy Crap. This episode of The Walking Dead named “Made to Suffer” from AMC is just too damn intense and completely amazing. Robert Kirkman penned this very action packed and drama filled episode that includes a stunning shootout, a bad ass fight between Michonne and The Governor and introduces Tyreese who is one of the more beloved male characters in the books. There is so much packed into this episode that never lets up from beginning to end.

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Here is the lowdown, Kiddies –

– Tyrese and a small band of survivors are fighting walkers through the woods and eventually reach the prison not before one of them gets bitten. Tyreese shows her and her family some mercy by letting them tag along into the prison through a collapsed part of a prison annex building at the rear of the prison.

– Glenn and Maggie escape from their cell using fractured bones from a dead walker but don’t get very far. The Governor plots with Merle to use his brother to eliminate the prison survivors. He asks Merle to take Maggie and Glenn to the Screamer pits. Andrea still doesn’t know that they are being held captive.

– At one point The Governor tries to connect with Penny, his un-dead daughter. She seems more interested in a bowl of flesh than in her Father. Angrily he shoves her back into her small cell putting a hood back on her head.

– Michonne leads Rick, Daryl and Oscar to Woodbury where they begin a search for Maggie, Andrea and Glenn. They get seen by a local but Rick subdues him and binds and gags him.

– Rick and the rest save Glenn and Maggie from Merle and his men. Daryl though wants to stay and try to convince Merle to change his mind about Woodbury. Rick pleads with Daryl to help him instead. He reluctantly agrees to help. Glenn apologizes to Rick for spilling the beans on them and the prison citing that he was beaten up badly and that Maggie was in danger. Rick doesn’t feel betrayed.

– Merle tells The Gov. that some outsiders from the prison have killed Warren. The Gov. then orders them to kill on sight. Rick uses smoke grenades for cover and they make it to the gates and eliminate the sentries, during the shootout Andrea can’t make them out because of the smoke. Michonne splits off to go to the Governor’s apartment to wait for him. As they escape over the gates, Oscar is shot and killed and Maggie yells for Rick to hurry. They make it over without Daryl in tow.

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– At the prison, Carl hears Tyreese and his crew battling some walkers. He helps out by shooting some of them and saving them. He tells them to hurry and follow him back where they contemplate killing an infected woman. While they argue this, Carl locks them out from the rest of the cell block. One woman protests but Tyreese talks her down and thanks Carl for his help. He tells them that they have food and water to survive with. Hershel looks on impressed with how maturely and confidently Carl handled the situation.

– Michonne, at the Governor’s apartment, discovers Penny, thinking she is a normal child being locked up. She discovers it is a zombie child and right before she dispatches it, The Gov. turns up pointing a gun at her. He puts down his gun but Michonne still ends up impaling the child and killing it. What ensues is a brutal fight between Michonne and The Governor. She is injured badly but manages to gouge out the Governor’s eye with a piece of glass. Andrea shows up with a gun but allows Michonne to retreat after Rick and the others. meanwhile The Governor cradles his dead zombie daughter.

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– Michonne makes it to Rick and the others and pleads to them to let her be of help to them. Andrea back at the apartment tries to put together everything that has happened wanting to believe that there is a rational explanation for the mayhem, the aquariums and his daughter, Penny.

– After getting his eye bandaged, The Governor makes it to the walker / fighting pit and announces that Merle (who lied about killing Michonne) has betrayed Woodbury and that he led the outsiders (or Terrorists) to the town. They disarm Merle’s blade – arm and while the townspeople get riled up The Governor decides to pit the Dixon brothers against each other. Apparently Daryl was captured and Andrea looks on in shock at the impending calamity.

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Season 3 resumes in Feburary of 2013 – Not a very long wait at all, Zombie Acolytes. I suggest re-visiting this season from the beginning to keep you all up to date on what has been a stunning season so far!

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    • “Like” is fine! haha and when you get around to watching it, it’ll knock your socks off. A brilliant episode all around. ๐Ÿ˜€

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