On The Set – AMC’s – “The Walking Dead” Gallery Two








Here is Gallery 2 of some On The Set / Behind the Scenes Pictures of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Enjoy!

images (36)images (35)images (34)images (33)

Greg Nicotero
Greg Nicotero
images (11)
Frank Darabont
images (12)
Greg touching up a walker
images (10)
Waiting for a set up. Not always fun and games.

images (1)images (2)images (3)images (4)images (5)images (6)images (7)images (8)images (9)images (13)images (14)images (15)

Exec Producer Gale Anne Hurd
Exec Producer Gale Anne Hurd
images (19)
images (20)
Gale hanging out with a Walker
images (28)
Nicotero directs his Walkers
images (24)
Frank will do anything to motivate his actors
images (21)
“Hello, little girl. I’m going to shoot you in the head later.”

images (18)images (22)images (27)images (29)images (30)images (31)


  1. I LOVE when you do these photo sets, Vic. So many levels of enjoyment here – from a fan standpoint, from an actress standpoint and from a just interested in filmmaking in general standpoint. And so โค the one where Rick is sitting next to the horse, lol.

    • haha! I love that one too! They both are taking a nice well deserved break. I’m glad you like the On The Set posts.I love doing them. Speaking of which I have some Nightmare on Elm Street On The Sets started. I thought of you when I started the draft. They’ll be up soon! ๐Ÿ˜€

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