Artist Tony Moore: “The Walking Dead” Artwork / Sketches, Panels and Covers

For those who are not familiar with Tony Moore his actual name is Micheal Anthony Moore and he is an “Eisner Award” nominated American Comic Book Artist. Moore is most notably known for drawing comics in a variety of genres like science fiction and horror. His titles include The Walking Dead, Fear Agent and The Exterminators.

He attended the University of Louisville but left to pursue a career in comic illustration which led him to collaborate with Robert Kirkman on various projects including The Walking Dead.  Here are some pics of Moore’s amazing artwork for The Walking Dead from Image Comics. Enjoy, Zombie Acolytes!

(All Images and Artwork Property and Copyright: Tony Moore and Image Comics)

New Images Added! (July 2013):

download (2) download (3) images (1) images (3) images (4) images (5) images (7) images (8) images

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